Bittorrent Pirate Ordered to Pay $20,000

In a recent default judgment, where a defendant failed to respond or appear, LHF Productions, Inc., was awarded $15,000 in damages for the illegal download of the motion picture London Has Fallen.   The judge found the defendant should pay $15,000 in damages and that this amount was “proper and reasonable to compensate Plaintiff and to provide notice and act as a deterrent to others.” The judge further awarded LHF $4,500 in attorney fees and $465 in costs for a total of $19,965.

The defendant was also “ORDERED to, in the future, refrain from knowingly and willfully using BitTorrent or any other online media distribution system for copying or downloading content in violation of U.S. copyright law.”

A full copy of the order is available: LHF Productions v. Alvarez, 2: 16-cv-01196-SRB

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