Debunking the Troll Myth

With so much anecdotal evidence, real and serious investigation of the expansion of copyright litigation is hard to come by. But in an article published by Nova Southeastern University in a survey of over 1,500 BitTorrent related cases the author reviews the common defenses asserted, their general inadequacy, and concludes:

To the knowledge of the author, only three BitTorrent cases have gone to trial resulting in a judgment being entered. All three of these cases resulted in a judgment for the copyright owner, with substantial damages being awarded.

* * *

In the end analysis, the author found no cases in which a file-sharing defendant went to trial, and prevailed. The more common theme was a blanket denial, followed by an attempt to destroy the evidence.

The full article is worth reading for anyone who has any interest in this litigation:

Copyright Infringement Litigation Over BitTorrent File Sharing: Truth or Troll?




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