DMCA Notices with a bite

As reported by Antonelli Law there is a new party sending out DMCA notices –

This new entry into the field differs from prior participants in one major way, if you ignore the notices, they sue.  In particular they have been collecting a number of cases with judgments of $10,000 – $20,000 as seen on the web page at:

All of this begs the question: With damages of thousands of dollars, why are people still downloading movies?


One Thought on “DMCA Notices with a bite

  1. salvage on March 11, 2017 at 4:00 pm said:

    > All of this begs the question: With damages of thousands of dollars, why are people still downloading movies?

    Well let me answer that for you; because they can.

    See every single movie, TV show, song, book, comic book, every bit of media is on the Internet and always will be as long as there is an Internet. It’s what the Internet does.

    It essentially is the single most efficient distribution network ever, with two or three clicks a user can download the complete Taylor Swift catalogue, every episode of Cheers or the complete works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

    As such it has cut out a lot of middle-men who used to make tons of cash being the distributors.

    This has made them very angry because they like money so they stamp their feet and hire lawyers to try and sue the Internet users for using the Internet.

    “Why!” they cry “If people can get things for free they won’t pay! We must get paid! I mean our clients, they must get paid… yes.”

    Which to a pack of greedheads makes perfect sense but in reality that just isn’t so:

    And so on.

    See, people are still buying and in some cases buying more than ever!

    So the interesting question is not why are people still downloading movies? it’s why are they still paying when they could be downloading movies?

    Well because most people like to pay for stuff, they like going to movies, they like owning DVDs or Blurays, they like buying the merchandising (the real plumbs BTW), the profits are still there. Oh and also:

    So the real question is why are courts letting bottom feeding scumbag trolls say they’re protecting copyright to save industries when it’s obvious the industries require no saving?

    And the answer is, obviously, because they’re bottom feeding scumbag trolls.

    As I am sure you no doubt know.

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