Evasion of service caused an infringer $10,000

In Dallas Buyers Club, LLC v. Vladamir Ivashentsev [Case No.: 3: 15-cv-00220-AC], the Court found Vladamir Ivashentsev willfully infringed the copyrights of Dallas Buyers Club, LLC (“DBC”). Mr. Ivashentsev willfully attempted to evade service and refused to participate in court proceedings with notice. He was properly served by publication.

Also, the Court awarded statutory damages in the sum of $10,000 in favor of DBC. The award was intended to compensate DBC as well as to provide proper notice and deterrence to others.

Further, the Court enjoined Mr.  Ivashentsev from infringing DBC’s copyrights in the motion picture “Dallas Buyers Club”, including without limitation using the internet to reproduce, distribute or copy the movie. He was also directed to destroy all unauthorized copies of DBC’s motion pictures and to delete all software used to make or distribute those copies or exchange unlicensed content using the BitTorrent protocol. Similarly, he was enjoined from using BitTorrent or the Internet for the copying or downloading of unlicensed copyrighted content.

DBC was also awarded reasonable costs and fees pursuant to FRCP 54.

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