A Fatwa Against Piracy In Turkey

Recognizing that piracy is theft and against the teaching of The Prophet Muhammad, the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs (a/k/a “Diyanet”*) has issued a position statement that downloading movies, software and the like without license is “haram” or a sin.

“It is not permissible to download unauthorized work or other programs from the virtual world.”

“Wrongful acts [such as piracy] not only usurp the individuals’ rights, but also discourages people who work to create such things from creating new products, turning the matter into a public rights violation in a broader sense. Therefore, anything that has been downloaded through the Internet, software, and products such as books and music is not permitted without the permission of those who created it. ”


* The Diyanet is Turkey’s constitutional director of religious standards.

For official commentary from Diyanet: http://www.diyanet.tv/diyanet-ten-internet-fetvasi-/

For the CNN Turkey page on this story: http://www.cnnturk.com/haber/turkiye/diyanet-telif-odemeden-internetten-muzik-ve-program-indirmek-haram.


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