Hall & Oats say “I Can’t Go for That” Re: Hauln’ Oats

Musicians Daryl Hall and John Oats, commonly referred to as Hall & Oats, who oddly operate under the business entity of Whole Oats Enterprises, itself a play on their name, have brought a claim against Early Bird Foods & Co., LLC for their use of the name Hauln’ Oats in connection with oatmeal and food delivery.

At issue will be whether anyone is likely to be deceived into believing Hauln’ Oats is in any way “provided by, or sponsored by, or approved by, or licensed by, or affiliated with or in some other way legitimately connected to” the musicians Hall & Oats. If so, then there is a very good chance Hall & Oats will prevail.

This complaint is apparently after real issues of confusion arose and a number of attempts by Hall & Oats’ counsel to get Early Bird to clarify matters with their customers and fans and stop their infringing activity as apparently they already license the name Hauln’ Oats to another similar company.  Hall & Oats are asking the court to force Early Bird to stop using the name and while no specific sum of money is demanded, there is a request turn over what Hall & Oats claim are wrongly acquired profits.

Some people may think Hall & Outs are “Out of Touch” on this one, but when asked about being associated with this new granola company they are quoted as saying, “I Can’t Go For That.”

Feel free to write your own bad puns.

The complaint is captioned Whole Oats Enterprises v. Early Bird Foods & Co., LLC, EDNY 1:15-cv-01124-RRM-JO.

The full text of the complaint may be found here: Whole Oats Enterprises v. Early Bird Foods & Co., LLC, EDNY 1:15-cv-01124-RRM-JO

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