Internet sites – not a reliable source for legal advice

Killer Joe Nevada, LLC, copyright holder of the movie “Killer Joe”, subpoenaed Mr. Reston Eilers in an attempt to get information about potential copyright infringement taking place apparently at his residence. They tried to find out who is the infringing party, making sure that only the right people are haled into court.


However, despite receiving notices, Mr. Eilers had not responded or complied with them. Thus, the Court issued an order to show cause why he had not complied with the court’s prior order to appear for deposition. Mr. Eilers is not a lawyer and not familiar with legal proceedings.


During the show cause hearing, the Court admonished Mr. Eilers for ignoring legal process saying, “You’re telling me it’s because you didn’t think you had to comply because of this information you had been receiving off of the Internet. Bad information. Now you’re in a lot of trouble, okay, because you’ve been not complying.”


The Court added that ignoring notices because of some stuff found in the Internet is not an excuse for avoiding legal process.


The Court told Mr. Eilers, “What you should have done, from the beginning, is not go to the Internet and do the research and follow that advice; instead, you should have contacted Mr. Crowell when you got the papers with his letters saying “What’s going on? What do I need to do?” Right? Burying your head in the sand is not the appropriate response.”


Finally, the Court gave advice to Mr. Eilers to inform the others not to ignore legal process and not to rely on internet sites, saying, “It may not be worth it to them, but part of what I’m doing is sending a message to you and others that you know, okay, that you can’t ignore the legal process. And it is in your best interest at this point to get onto whatever Internet sites you’ve been looking at and tell people out there that they’re giving out the wrong information and if they ignore these lawsuits they also are going to get hit by the Court for costs and fees….”


This article is lifted from the case Killer Joe Nevada, LLC v. DOE-, Case No. 6:15-cv-00494-ST

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