Judge Tells Millennium Films: Next time ask for more

The pending case of Millennium Films, et al. v. Robinson, 2:16-cv-04718, C.D. Cal., has come to its conclusion with an unexpected twist of the Judge awarding more than plaintiffs requested.

Millennium Films v. Robinson was a BitTorrent case that was distinct from the beginning with Millennium Films’ own in-house counsel taking the lead and bringing claims against a BitTorrent pirate.   Discovery proceeded along the usual course with the subscriber and then defendant identified as Robinson who used BitTorrent to download three Millennium titles: Criminal (2016), London Has Fallen (2016) and Mechanic: Resurrection (2016).(Each title owned by its respective owner, also parties to the case.)

In it’s request for relief Millennium Films petitioned the court for three times the statutory minimum of $750 per title, or $2,250 in statutory damages per title. However, Judge Steven Wilson rejected Millennium’s request and responded with, “The Court, exercising its wide discretion, believes that a total of $9,000 total for the three infringing works combined is the proper amount to award in this case” and awarded four times the statutory minimum together with an injunction against Robinson for downloading any future Millennium titles.

Relevant Document:

16-cv-04718 36 Order and Opinion, Filed 02/15/17

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