Popcorn Time Breakup Exposes Dirty Secret

While Hollywood prepares to go from suing end users to the developers, the pressure has forced some key members of the Popcorn Time application to depart.  As is being reported in the Popcorn Time discussion forum and on Torrent Freak, the developers are becoming all too aware of the risks in their efforts.

One thing that is coming to light is that the application, touted as “free,” is not free at all as it is designed for users to purchase add-ons and VPN software to avoid facing litigation and fines, or worse.

Already people in Europe have been arrested for promoting Popcorn Time and in the United States the civil litigation side has pointed out that using the Popcorn Time application may expose a party to criminal liability:

From the complaint in The Cobbler v. Users of Popcorn Time; 3:15-cv-01550-ST

40.   Popcorn Time cannot be considered to have any reasonable legal or legitimate use.

41. The mere possession of a software program like Popcorn Time is the type of conduct that the State of Oregon has criminalized in ORS 164.235, which reads in part: 164.235 Possession of a burglary tool or theft device. (1) A person commits the crime of possession of a burglary tool or theft device if the person possesses a burglary tool or theft device and the person:

(a) Intends to use the tool or device to commit or facilitate … a theft by a physical taking; or

(b) Knows that another person intends to use the tool or device to commit or facilitate a … theft by a physical taking.

What is now apparent is some of the developers are seeing the financial rewards are no longer worth the risk as court records are showing the first Consent Judgments and Orders being entered against those caught using the application.

For a copy of one of the civil cases in the United States: The Cobbler v. Popcorn Time Users

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